Auditorium with Jeremiah Klein

Jeremiah Klein, staff photographer for Surfline, took his camera out recently to spend some time underneath the waves. For this edition of Auditorium, Klein chooses a few shots to accompany Joe Hannon’s acoustic, lo-fi remix of The Knife’s iconic “Heartbeats”, highlighting the movement of the blue-green ocean in each of these photographs. We’ve got a few more of his pieces that we’ll be sharing with you soon. Until then, enjoy. 


Auditorium is a weekly blog feature where we ask our favorite photographers to share some of their recent, unpublished work and choose a song to bring new life to the photographs. If you have shots you’d like to share, send them along with your song choice to with the subject line “Auditorium Submission,” and we’ll let you know if and when we can post them. You can also submit your work through Tumblr, or drop us a line in the comments section here or on or FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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