Auditorium with Jesús Busto

Jesús Busto admits that better waves and weather could be found elsewhere, but his small village in northwestern Spain is best because it’s home. Though he doesn’t consider himself a photographer, his pictures speak well of his intuitive eye and impassioned allegiance to his home turf. His shots show surfing as not just man and wave, but as man and way of life discovered, as his song choice describes, while in search of ordinary things.

“From my house I see the ocean. I know I should travel more, to discover other places. But every day, when I walk across the pine forest that leads me to the beach, I feel I’m traveling to happiness,” Busto says. “It’s hard to pick just one song. I love music. But if I have to choose one, I prefer ‘Jim Cain’ by Bill Callahan. His deep voice and the slow rhythm of the song… I think they’re perfect with these pictures.”


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