Auditorium with JR Watson

From the moment you meet the guy, you’re instantly stoked. JR Watson is one of those unique individuals that screams rad style and stoke. No matter what it is, Photography, filmmaking, art or music.. JR manages to have a knack for it all. The above song is by JR himself, sit back.. take a listen, have a read and enjoy.




Photography, filmmaking, art & music.. What draws you to creating?

For me, a lot of good creating comes from good music I’m listening to at the time..
which totally means the same 2 or 3 songs over and over and over for even like a month as crazy as that sounds.
If it gets me in that good mind set, i want to stay there.
Also, good fun waves gets me going too.. couple ramps and tubes.. im stoked!





How would you describe your work?

I would say my work is fairly simple in the way of process..
It’s normally the subject that is killing it, and i’m just capturing it.
I really prefer to use film over digital in just about any case, even with video. Maybe especially with video.
I’d think my work is kinda grainy normally and generally is something i actually give two shits about. I can’t bare to snap photos or shoot video of things i don’t believe in, in a way.





Where do you get your inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration lately comes from my close friends, wether through music, photography, surfing, motorcycles, painting… there’s a ton of creative individuals i feel so fortunate to be around on the daily. Pretty rad time living where we do in Ventura. Besides that, I’ve always gathered creativity from individuals such as Ozzy Wright, Dane Reynolds, Archy, music like Modest Mouse, Built to Spill as of lately, and photographers like Scott Soens, and pretty much all the early 2000’s surf flicks that were around.. just stuff i grew up on.



What are your go-to tools of trade? (Cameras, art, music.. ect..)

My go to tools are no doubt film cameras of various sorts..
I love shooting super 8 on a (Sankyo – super CM 300), and have really been diving into that whole world of video over the past few years.

Love shooting on my Mamiya RB 67 (120mm) for portraits.
Digitally, i use a Canon 5D Mark iii, and a Canon 7D Mark ii.
Usually try and keep it minimal whatever I’m shooting, rarely will I use lights… probably because i suck at using them.
Also really enjoy shooting Nikons in the water, and disposable 35mm shitty little liquor store cameras.. theyr always different so keeps it fun.

Whats next?

Next for me is actually just shoot what I love, and do it in the fashion of how I love. (A LOT OF FILM).
Working on my first full music project called, “Dive, The Divide”. About to be playing some live shows with some of my good friends as band members, and always, constantly in my room recording at home. Music is my love, no doubt. It’s healing in a lot of ways and keeps me interested in creating visually with my photography and filmmaking.

See more of JR’s work at:
Or on instagram via: @Stuburnfools


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