Auditorium with Keith Novosel

Auditorium is where photos meet music. Included in each Auditorium post is a selection of photos and an audio track to listen to while checking out the gallery. So click play and enjoy as you scroll down to enjoy this installation by Oregon photographer Keith Novosel (

“These photos are an illustration of my favorite kind of surf exploration–traveling to uncrowded areas with one or two friends. ¬†I’ve been on some amazing trips with larger groups of people (great waves, plenty of laughs, etc.), but nothing beats the freedom that traveling with one or two friends gives you. ¬†Traveling alone is even more free obviously, but it’s so nice to have someone with whom you can share the experiences. Meeting new people, finding fun waves in pristine environments, hiking, camping, observing, and taking in the energy of the place are my favorite parts of traveling.”

“I chose “Kings County Breakdown” by Frank Fairfield as the song to accompany these images. The music is unique, pure, inspirational, and fun, just as I hope the photos are. There is just something about Frank’s music that makes me want to get out there on another adventure.” -Keith Novocel

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