Auditorium with Luiz Blanco

Auditorium is a new Korduroy blog feature where photos meet music. Included in each Auditorium post will be a selection of photos and an audio track to listen to while checking out the gallery. So click play and enjoy as you scroll down to enjoy this first installation by Brazilian photographer Luiz Blanco (

“When it comes to surfing, photography and music, I think style is the most important feature. I did not choose any song that I listen to a lot, some emotional thing or one that I use to go surf.¬†Instead I chose a type of Brazilian music that fits my photos in a more¬†relaxing, lounge sort of way rather than a breathtaking action track. That’s what I thought my photos do, to look at surf with another’s eyes, but not discarding the intense action that happens outside. I try to look at surf in some distance range, so the soundtrack would be as mellow and mild as my work.” – Luiz Blanco

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