Auditorium with Mark McInnis

Mark McInnis is from the Pacific Northwest, where he dug his music roots into the hardcore scenes of metal, punk rock and gangster rap. But his photographs represent a softer side of his artistic impulses, so for this edition of Auditorium, he’s selected a track from Joe Pug to serve as the background to his litany of surf landscapes. Here he explains a bit more about the role of music in his life:

“I was raised on metal, punk rock and gangster rap, none of which would complement this edition of Auditorium. So, with nearly 10,000 songs in my library, I took on the daunting task of picking one song to pair with these images. A song by Deer Tick was the winner until I remembered an artist that a good friend told me about last week: Joe Pug. There’s something liberating about a good song, isn’t there? We can kick back and dream about what that song conveys or evokes within our hearts, minds, and souls. The same can be said about a photograph.  I hope this song and a small sampling of my images take you away to wherever, or whatever, you feel like dreaming about today. Thanks for checking them out.”

For more photos, check out his website and Tumblr




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