Auditorium with Miles Jackler

For those of us who didn’t grow up minutes from the beach, it can be difficult to nurture a surf habit. Miles Jackler spent his childhood in the northern California wine-country, where the days are gray and the surf, when he could get to it, was choppy at best. But fighting through those terrible sets and seemingly-never-ending periods of trial and error only made his desire to find a vibrant surf community stronger. Eventually, he found what he was looking for at the University of California Santa Barbara, where the rich history of surfing is plastered up and down the jagged stretch of southern California coastline. Inspired by the people he met there, he started exploring photography. He shoots in “all manner of formats,” but after his digital equipment was recently stolen, he has been trying his hand at old-fashioned film photography. Of this gallery of images, Jackler explains, “These are some of the finer and subtler moments captured during the last six months.”

He chose the intro to The XX’s first album, XX, because “it reminds me of cold grey early mornings and the often empty beaches of Northern California.”  

Check out his website ( and Instagram: @milesjackler

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