Auditorium with Romain Juchereau

Romain Juchereau is an independent filmmaker and photographer from La Rochelle, in southwest France, with a strong love of four things: analog cameras, vinyl records, longboards, and single fins. He has always wished he could have lived his youth in the 60s and 70s, at the heyday of surf culture and filmmaking. After spending time in Noosa, Australia with a 1974 analog camera and a few expired Ilford and Kodak film rolls, Romain has at least recreated his nostalgic pipe dream with photography reminiscent of the bygone surf era.

Fitting to his shooting locale, he chose “Surfer’s Paradise” from one of Australia’s most successful bands of the surf rock genre, The Atlantic: “(The record) was playing in my room when I received these negatives from the lab. I couldn’t find anything better to fit with the atmosphere of some of the shots. With its vinyl cracking sound and imperfections, it reminded me of renaissance of the 60s!”

For more retrofitted imagery, check out Romain’s website and blog.


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