Auditorium with Thomas Ling

For most surf photographers, taking pictures is only one of many hobbies and Thomas Ling is no exception. Somewhere between bodyboarding, surfing and guitar playing, he takes a moment to capture his laid-back lifestyle with antiquated Polaroid or film cameras.

For Ling, there is no exact method to creating the perfect picture because he doesn’t believe there is a such thing. You never know, sometimes your greatest mistake can become your favorite piece. Often, new ideas only come through trial and error. 

Unlike many photographers we’ve talked to, Ling’s favorite part of photography is developing the film, where he has more control over making each photo different from the last. To see a wide variety of his photos and to take a look at the culture in which he lives, check out the photo gallery below.

For more, check out his Tumblr –  or follow him on Instagram @thom_1


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