Auditorium with Zak Bush

When a broken arm took him out of the water, Zak Bush picked up a camera. 

“I got obsessed right from the get-go,” he says. “I hounded every photographer that I knew for insight, bought books and researched stuff on the internet.”

He continued to join in on surf trips with his friends, but now behind the lens. It wasn’t long before his talent was recognized and his interest grew into a career. Now an ex-pat (ex-Canuck) Zak recently moved from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to New York City where he works as the photographic manager at Saturdays. Whether exploring the city or the more remote parts of Long Island, Zak says he finds inspiration in the company he keeps — quirky and passionate people that “are so in love with something that they don’t care what other people think.”

While settling into his new hometown last fall, Zak saw Brooklyn-based group DIIV and chose their song “Follow” for this Auditorium.  



instagram: @zakbush



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