Autarkic 14: James Heal x Thomas Bexon x Jake Bowrey

A Korduroy TV photographic collection curated by Ryan Tatar

Autarkic 14:  James Heal x Thomas Bexon x Jake Bowrey

Words and photos:  James Heal

‘Logs ‘n’ Spoons’

“There’s a parallel progression in style, purpose, function and aesthetic that seems borne of both looking backwards and forwards in time. Applied to whatever genre it’s implemented into it synchronises and fuses them. Ever since surfing and photography found themselves on the same beaches, using the same canvas, they’ve worked symbiotically in expressing style and technique to the masses. Fluctuating together through their advancements and developments in and out of the water, surfing and photography continue to share the journey.

Two young guy’s, Jake Bowrey and Thomas Bexon, shape and glass craft of every kind in a way that seems to encompass and incorporate all facets of surfing’s development. Here I have reacted to their intent, photographically assimilating the influences, ideas and aspirations while trying to capture what I could of how it all came to be…… from the beginning, until now.”

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