Autarkic Part 11: Rich Corbin x Greg Eavey

Part 11:  Rich Corbin x Greg Eavey

A Korduroy TV photographic collection curated by Ryan Tatar.

Words & Photos Rich Corbin

Rich Corbin is a local Wrightsville Beach / Wilmington based surfer who recently spent some time with one of the area’s best shapers and glassers, Greg Eavey.   Greg is a full time shaper and musician who has been busy making Simmons inspired boards, logs, and customs on the east coast and is also a talented musician.  He shapes from a quiet industrial space behind a few shops and minutes from the local surf.  I got to ride one of his older shapes when I lived out there and loved it.  The rest can be described by the photographer Rich:
“I’m just a guy who really enjoys longboard surfing and who happens to live in one of the most heavily shortboard influenced surfing towns on the east coast. I’ve been surfing for about 7 years but grew up about two hours from the coast in Raleigh but I spent my summers on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks where I learned to surf. Right now I’m living in Wilmington, my blog alternative slide mongrels just kind of shows what I see in my neck of the woods. I’ve been taking pictures for about 3 years as a hobby and have known Greg for about that long. He shapes and glasses his own boards and is known as one of the premier glassers in North Carolina.”
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