Autarkic Part 7: Nick Cook x Ryan Lovelace

Part 7: Nick Cook x Ryan Lovelace

A Korduroy TV photographic collection curated by Ryan Tatar (

Photos and words via Nick Cook (

“Point Concept surfboards is an amazing one-man operation run by Mr. Ryan Lovelace out of Santa Barbara, California. Mr. Lovelace taught himself how to make shred-craft a few years ago and he is still designing, shaping, coloring, and glassing all of his own creations. Ryan is a true craftsman who’s creations bring ear to ear smiles to those around him. My handy AE-1 teamed up with some Kodak 400vc to make these images, straight scans…” Ryan Lovelace has indeed been making some great looking (and riding from what I’ve heard) wavecraft. Check him out at

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