Autarkic Part 8: Ed Fladung x Marco Ortiz

Part 8: Ed Fladung x Marco Ortiz photos Ed Fladung (

A Korduroy TV photographic collection curated by Ryan Tatar (

Ed is an ex-pat surfer, photographer, blogger, and graphic designer living south of the border in Mexico. A lover of hulls, hand shaped boards, and photography, Ed and I first met at Shelter Surf Shop a few years back. Ed does remarkable portrait work. Here are a few snaps of a local Mexican shaper, Marco Ortiz, who shapes under the label “ATL” which means “water” in Nahuatl. His shaping bay is in Guadalajara a popular manufacturing town in central Mexico and close to the famous agave fields where most tequila is made. Ed cites he is becoming a very popular shaper in Mexico. A site for ATL is in the works, so be sure to bookmark ( for some more info on Marco’s shapes.

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