Autarkic Part 9: Michel Junod x Ryan Tatar

Part 9: Michel Junod x Ryan Tatar

A Korduroy TV photographic collection curated by Ryan Tatar (

Michel Junod is a shaper and surfer living in Santa Cruz, California.  He’s been shaping since 1966, and makes custom boards of all shapes and sizes.  Michel (pronounced Mish – EL) is also a great surfer and was featured in Thomas Campbell’s new film, the Present, riding logs and smaller boards in Africa with the likes of Alex Knost and Jacob Stuth.  From his shaping bay near the train tracks in Santa Cruz he’s just a few blocks away from Steamer Lane and Cowells one of the areas premiere and well known breaks.  Michel’s boards are all 100% hand crafted from start to finish.  He has collab’d with Thomas Campbell on a couple of models including the Pignar and Nowski.  Check out Michel’s boards in shops like Thalia Street Surf Shop, Shelter, Mollusk, and more around California… or pay him a visit in Santa Cruz.

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