New Blog Feature: Autarkic with Ryan Tatar

Beginning Monday, KorduroyTV is going to mix it up a bit on our blog. We will now include a new weekly blog feature with Ryan Tatar entitled Autarkic. “Autarky is the quality of being self-sufficient. Autarky exists whenever an entity can survive or continue its activities without external assistance.” Obviously, as a do-it-yourself network, is a huge advocate of people out there who are creating things on their own. So with the help of the wonderful photography of Ryan Tatar, we will be showcasing images of people around surfing who have that do-it-yourself state of mind. And as always, if you or someone you know is making something cool, let us know! Tune in Mondays for more autarky… BIO: Ryan Tatar While many accost mainstream surf culture only to start new elite in-crowds in hypocritical attempts to remake cool in their own image, Ryan Tatar is just stoked. Growing up far from surf cliques, this Michigan native moved to California at 26 to experience a life he’d only seen in films and magazines. Humbly sliding into the surf scene, his subtle images have caught the attention of many on the fringes of the surfing world. Wielding a cheap emulsion exposing camera and suitcases full of expired film. Ryan’s love for the beach and no frills attention to detail produce images that ooze with a palatable devotion to the wave riding experience. Ryan’s keyboard prowess is evident in his blog Shaka’s and Singlefins which is a happening source for internet surfers. .” To enter the world of Ryan… &

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