A Surf Tribe in Africa

kepa acero africa tribe

Traveling solo can get lonely, especially if you are in off-the-grid places like Africa where communication can be difficult. After recently taking off on a journey from his home country, Spain, down through Africa in search of waves, culture and new experiences, Kepa Acero give us this intimate glimpse into his search for a tribe…

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Web Surfing: Jan 18-24

web surfing jan 18-24

From warmest to coldest, this week’s clips span the globe on a variety of wave riding vehicles…a little something for everyone if you will.  Excuse The Roach 3 – Hawaii From Bali to Hawaii, Harrison Roach rides a variety of boards and makes it look good. This clip from Andrew Gough is no different! Rights…

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Meet The Soundmen

Hip hop, Seattle and Brooklyn are not necessarily synonymous with surfing, but Brooklyn-based production duo The Soundmen take inspiration from all four to come up with some pretty rad beats. Their work might be showing up in some of our shows here soon, so we thought you should get to know them a bit. Here they…

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Auditorium with Megan Costello

Megan Costello is a Brooklyn-based action and adventure photographer. She takes photographs in groups, exploring one theme through a handful of images. For this Auditorium, she’s shared a collection titled “Tales of a Restless Youth” which documents the daring skateboarders and parkour athletes of New York City. For more from Megan, visit: Website: www.avalanchevocals.com Instagram: @avalanchevocals…

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In the Forest with No Water

Van Life - Where's My Office Now

Traveling can be difficult because it’s easy to forget the basics. But what happens when you’re in the middle of a forest with no water? You improvise. Corey and Emily of Where’s My Office Now? continue facing their fears and fighting through the pain in their latest webisode “No Water.”

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Byron Bay Surf Festival

The Byron Bay Surf Festival is about so much more than surf. It brings together some industry heavyweights for a long weekend of beachside community unlike any other we’re familiar with. We talked with organizer Mike Jahn for a feel for how it went in 2013 and what to expect from the festival this year,…

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Web Surfing: Jan 11-17

web surfing: jan 11-17

From inside the tube to majestic New Zealand or even extinct waves in Morocco, this edition of Web Surfing will get the stoke levels up and ready from a pretty nice stretch of waves on the west coast.

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Live your Dreams, Heal the world: Why doing what you love makes the world better…

liz clark: live your dreams

By Liz Clark “Passion is the love of turning being into action. It fuels the engine of creation. It changes concepts to experience…. Never deny passion, for that is to deny Who You Are, and Who You Truly Want To Be.” –Neale Donald Walsch Wishing you all a peaceful, love-filled, and joyful holidays!! …I’ve been thinking…

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