Back From Maine

The trip to Maine was pretty epic. After showing artwork and film at Corduroy in Portland Maine and having a fun show, we were just in time for some serious waves thanks to Hurricane Bill. Heaving beach breaks, firing points, and sliding on finless alaias in small coves were just a few of the highlights from the swell. We met up with some fellow artists from the Pine Haven Collective, journalists from the Drift magazine site, and got to tour Grain Surfboards in York. A feature will be coming soon. The artwork from the show will be posted and will be for sale in the coming days as well. Cyrus showed his new film Tom’s Creation Plantation (for sale now), in addition to producing fine photographs printed on wood, painted, and sealed with beeswax. Ryan TatarĀ  showed a series of photographs taken with pre 1978 cameras and cross processed at a 1hr drugstore. Thanks to our new friends in Maine. We are stoked.

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