BBSF Top Voted Entries So Far…

Entries for the Byron Bay Surf Festival Surf Shorts Film Comp have been coming in nice and steady, featuring some great surf culture footage from around the world. Here you can take a look at the entries, and cast your vote for favorite.

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Here are the top so far:

We Are All Wave Savers – 

Ramon Navarro is the man in Chile, not for his talent on big wave surfing, also for his talent to preserve his spot, here´s a message to all the local surfers in the world.

Film Maker Bio:

Rodrigo Farias is a Chilean Surf Documentalist, Photographer and Filmmaker.


Hawaiian Sea Critters – 

Enjoy Hawaii boy Aaron Swanson shredding Hawaii surf-spots along with other Citizens of the Sea!

Film Maker Bio:

Elliot Lucas is a Photographer, Filmaker, and Surfer. Born and raised in beautiful Hawaii, this gives him the opportunity to capture most of Hawaii’s Citizens of the Sea.


Who Is Nagai – 

Nagai Puntiverio is a 25 years old surfer from Basque Country (Spain). His passion since some years ago is surfing, and specially surfing big waves. He works in surf camps in Spain and abroad to get his passion going on and saving money in order to travel around the world with one goal on his mind: surf as big as it gets. He is not sponsored but this 2014 has surfed in Mavericks (California), Anchor Point (Morocco), Puerto Escondido (México) and also 2 or 3 big swells around the North of Spain. Next winter dreams on surfing Jaws. He never gives up, doesn’t matter the size of the waves, the wind, he likes to charge even alone on the biggest swells he can get to and also enjoys teaching people how to surf all over the world with a big smile on his face and a care for people and nature.

Film Maker Bio:

Victor Delgado Hernando is a 31 years old filmmaker, editor and sound technician from Spain working in broadcast and internet market around Madrid. This video and the vimeo channel is a personal project which is the video platform of a spanish surf website where he works as content manager


Still swell at 85 –

The nickname Magoo conjures up images of a well-intentioned but incapable character bumbling through life’s daily adventures, even for those too young to have been exposed to the iconic cartoon.   While  Barry “Magoo” McGuigan  is  a lovable spirit, this is where the similarity ends as being   Australia’s oldest competitive surfer generates extreme focus.

This short piece explores  Magoo’s perception of  being involved with surfing since  the advent of the sport and the deeply personal  ways that surfing has shaped his philosophy to life. Unassuming in nature, Magoo is a man of few words but his message is profound and this inspired the film.

Film Maker Bio:

Dean Saffron is a freelance documentary photographer .He began his career as a commercial photographer .In January 2007 he undertook aid work projects and documented Austraining programs in conjunction with World Food Program, Unicef and UNHCR . Vastly different from his previous briefs, this work throughout Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar border and East Timor encouraged him to enter the world of photojournalism.  In 2013 Dean started film making  and he has enjoyed the transition into a whole new form of visual  story telling.

Dean’s work  has appeared in numerous publications including  Black and White magazine,  The New York Times, The New Internationalist , German Stern .de , South African newspapers,  ABC , Sydney Morning Herald , The Australian,   and Australian Geographic , to name a few .

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