Beautiful Biarritz

Another dispatch from traveling surfer/photographer Alejandra Romo Marquez, this time from the beautiful shores of Biarritz. Here’s what she has to say about the trip:

Surfing city Biarritz, a warm fall view
By Alejandra Romo Marquez

Before my winter trip to Nicaragua, I decided to spend 2 weeks in Biarritz at the end of October in order to do some pictures and work in some photo shoots for one of the brands I endorse.

The Havaiii Co. is a clothing company inspired by travelers, explorers and global citizens. This is how I identify myself with the brand and that’s how I enjoy very much myself working with them taking their pictures and writing a blog about my adventures: Tales of Wander.

I used to work in Biarritz, once a week for 3 years, but I never got the time to really be there and be aware of the city’s very own vibe. I feel so lucky that the weather was exceptionally good all October; I was literally so stoked taking pictures all day long.

Biarritz is such a cool surfing city. It’s got the French side of a Parisian neighbourhood, as well as the cool side of being just by the ocean, and not just by the ocean; a ‘surfable’ ocean. Plus this, a great surfing art movement is in the air, so I was very lucky, too, to bump into interesting people and artists along the way.

Biarritz, I’m in love!













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