Best of Korduroy 2012

This past year has been quite an adventure for KorduroyTV. Starting off with a successful Kickstarter campaign  which led up to the launch of Korduroy 2.0, a new life was breathed into our website. And with the fresh look, we pushed out what we feel is some of our best content yet. Here is a breakdown of our most viewed content by you guys, our fans in 2012! Thanks for the support!


Fruits of Dystopia – Sea Movies

Beer Bottle Pint Glass – D-I-Why NOT?

DIY Bike Rack – Surf Sufficient

Yuta Sezutsu – Inner-Views

Lowers – Happy Beach

Sunburn Basics – Health Nuts

How To Make A Surf Video – Korduroy Specials



GoPro Hero 3 Review – Cyrus gives his honest review of the new GoPro Hero 3

Study Hull Essex – a new photo-journal blog series on Korduroy with Maker Kahana Kalama as he test pilots a variety of surf crafts and shares his insights into the mechanics of each board and how they perform.

Terry Martin Tribute by Tyler Manson – Commissioned through the Surfers Journal in 2010, this beautifully crafted short titled “A Brief History” by Tyler Manson originally aired during our virtual film festival of 2010 and shows the beautiful life and wisdom of the late Terry Martin.

Making It: Amanda Chincielli GreerSEEA’s owner speaks with us about garment manufacturing in Los Angeles, online vs. retail selling and her international mix of style inspirations

We Are All Just Water Bathing Ripple RidersCy shares some thoughts about why we started surfing in the first place


Best Sellers:

Korduroy x KnappSack

Korduroy x Wegener Handplane Kit

Stoked and Broke DVD

DIY *Enjoy Handplane Handle Kit

Hangs Upon Nothing Poster by Jeremy Rumas


Staff Picks:

RETO – Korduroy Specials

Making It: Jack DonlenRunamuk Visuals Jake Donlen talks to us about how he got here, the projects he’s working on, his dark artistic style and the important influences of his wife, son and mates.

OUTside INspiration by Jeremy Rumas – Jeremy takes us deep inside his memories for a journey through the artists, books and locations that fuel his creative drive.

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