Big Wave Season

Get inspired by fearless Swiss surfer, Alena Ehrenbold

By Alejandra Romo Marquez

Big swells are arriving slowly and consistent to Europe. The Punta Galea Challenge has just been celebrated, and a lot of free surfers are having the rides of their lives all along the European Coast. From Roka Puta with Imanol Yeregi and friends; to Nazaré with Benjamin Sanchis, facing a terrible wipe out.

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A few weeks back with the beginning of the XXL season, I had the opportunity to document with my pictures a cool big wave project with a Swiss crew of filmmakers and surfers.




Surfer Alena Ehrenbold together with the Swiss television are working together in a TV Series called “winter challenge” where viewers experience extreme sport adventures by the hand of athletes in breathtaking scenery.


The “winter challenge” series showcases athletes dedicated to their sports that are crazy enough to try something spectacular proposed by the program, and that essentially no one ever tried before.



The series are six athletes with one goal: To conquer a long cherished challenge during the winter. The heroine of the moment, in the SRF series “Winter Challenge” Alena Ehrenbold, has to surf XXL waves and challenging low temperatures to run a race against time to gigantic rock faces and deep gorges. This challenge develops in the Basque Country at the North of Spain between Zarautz and Getaria; where Alena, was trained by big wave surfer, Ibon Amaitrain.


After this project, Alena is one of the first Swiss women to try to surf big waves, and one of the few European to dare, along French surfer Justine Dupont.


The program will be on air on the Swiss Channel SRF2, and also retransmitted online in their site around March 2015; so be sure to don’t miss this challenge if you can.

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