Cyanotype Photography by Yannick Le Toquin

  Based on a print process invented in 1842, Yannick Le Toquin has started to revive the process using modern and archival surf imagery entirely from France. Yannick’s work was primarily based off black & white film, but as of recent he’s begun expanding his experiments into a mix of digital and various analog formats….

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Slice of Solitude

“It was a last minute decision – an inspired thought to dust off our passions and get back to something truer, something more basic. We gave ourselves a day with no expectations, simply a little slice of time.” Our friends over at Terasu featured this little escape of Cyrus Sutton and photographer Dylan Gordon up the…

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Who is Humza Deas?

Anonymous asked: What’s your craziest experience in photography by far? HUMZA DEAS Answer: Haven seen New York from my perspective.   Late into the night while most New Yorkers are either at home or still at the bar, 17 year old Humza Deas is packing his camera through the streets, scaling the ladders and onto the rooftops…

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Big Wave Season

Big swells are arriving slowly and consistent to Europe. The Punta Galea Challenge has just been celebrated, and a lot of free surfers are having the rides of their lives all along the European Coast. From Roka Puta with Imanol Yeregi and friends; to Nazaré with Benjamin Sanchis, facing a terrible wipe out.

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Beautiful Biarritz

Another dispatch from traveling surfer/photographer Alejandra Romo Marquez, this time from the beautiful shores of Biarritz. Here’s what she has to say about the trip: Surfing city Biarritz, a warm fall view By Alejandra Romo Marquez Before my winter trip to Nicaragua, I decided to spend 2 weeks in Biarritz at the end of October…

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Auditorium with Harrison Jardine

harrison jardine surf photography

There’s no place like home. That’s even true for Halifax, Nova Scotia and young photographer Harrison Jardine. But, like all young explorers, Harrison’s first trip to Nepal at 18 got him hooked on traveling to remote destinations in search of new situations and unique moments to capture on film. Most recently, he resided in South Korea…

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Auditorium with Zack Johnson

North Carolina

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, is quite a place to live. At first, that seems true only because of the name, but at a closer look, it’s quite beautiful. Photographer Zack Johnson takes us there, with Explosions in the Sky as the perfect sonic backdrop. For more from Zack, follow his Highway 12 commute on…

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Auditorium with Tom Burne

tom burne surf photography

Sometimes it takes a youngster to remind us how fun our beloved action sports can be. With this gallery, 19-year-old Aussie Tom Burne will  definitely put a smile on your face, and make you want to grab a board and get outside immediately. For more feel-good shots, check out Tom Burne around the web here:…

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