Auditorium with Stephen Krawiec

stephen krawiec surf photography

Stephen Krawiec comes to us like many others after teaching himself how to photograph. Learning how to do something on your own, though it happens all the time, is no small feat and his light work is stunning. He calls himself an all around “adventure photographer” and while most of these images focus on surf,…

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Costa Rica, take two


Yesterday, we featured Ryan Thomas’ photos from his recent trip to Costa Rica. There must be something in the air, because we’ve got another set from contributor Alejandra Romo Marquez. She just traveled there from her current homestead in Nicaragua and here’s what she saw. Follow Marquez’s travels here:  

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Auditorium with Ryan Thomas


Ryan Thomas has been traveling around the world making surf films for himself and clients like Volcom for decades. Back in 2009, photographer Ryan Tatar interviewed him for us but now we’re back in touch with Thomas for some behind-the-scenes shots from his latest trip to Costa Rica. “For me, and I imagine most,” Thomas…

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Auditorium with Manuel Caminero

Photography is all about playing with light. In this gallery, Manual Caminero seems to control it, like the sun or the moon exists only to make his pictures beautiful. It’s quite a skill, so take a break and get lost here for a minute or two.  For more from Manual Caminero: Website: Facebook: If you’re…

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The Land Of: Production Photos

Now that all the episodes of Stefan Hunt’s surf philanthropy movie “The Land Of” have been released, we wanted to show you some of the behind-the-scenes shots the crew snapped during production. If you haven’t seen all the episodes, you can catch them here: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. *Photos by Joel Fiztgerald

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Strike Mission to Greenbush

Greenbush Strike Mission

When photographer/filmmaker Nick Liotta and surfer Andrew Bennett had six empty days lying in front of them, they booked it to Greenbush in the Mentawais, literally getting a plane ticket and a speedboat set up for the next day. It was 50 hours of traveling each way, but apparently it was well worth it. Nick…

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Auditorium with Dylan Chaplin

dylan chaplin surf photography

Probably one of the newest photographers we’ve ever featured here on Korduroy, Dylan Chaplin has only been snapping surf sessions for the past two years. And he’s already given it up once, when his gear was stolen at his local break. It’s hard to come back from that, and for a time he thought he…

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Auditorium with Andy Bowlin

Andy Bowlin Photography

We’ll let this video introduce Andy. After you watch it, browse through a gallery of his photographs set to the tunes of Cat Stevens. For more from Andy, follow him on Instagram @andybowlin, or visit his website If you’re a photographer and want to be featured in Auditorium, submit your work through Tumblr. You can also connect with…

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