How to Recycle Fins and Boards into Art

recycled surfboard art

Australian artist Zachary Bennett-Brook is inspired by his Indigenous heritage. Natives of most countries were historically closer to the land than we are today, and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from their traditions. Primarily, they didn’t have as many things as we do and they didn’t produce as much waste….

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How to Make an Outdoor Couch

We came across a photo of this outdoor couch on Instagram and got in touch with Cyrus Scammell to tell us how he did it. Try this out for a quick and easy seat for summer bbqs and other such outdoor hangouts. And tell us what projects you’re working on in the comments! 1. Acquire Pallets….

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Van Made Recipes: Macaroni Fantasy


Continuing our van life culinary adventure, this next recipe from Emily Murray is one of those amazing “everything but the kitchen sink” type situations. Or, maybe in the case of van life we should say “everything but the spare tire.” Chop, boil and enjoy. Ingredients: 1/2 pound macaroni noodles (or any pasta or rice) 1 yellow onion…

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Van Made Recipes: Miso Soup


Over the next three weeks, we’ll be publishing select recipes from Emily Murray’s new book “Van Made Recipes.” Here is the first, a deliciously easy Miso Soup. Ingredients: -4 3/4 cup instant sea weed miso soup packets (most affordable packets can be found in Asian grocery stores) -100 grams udon noodles -sprouts Directions: 1. Bring…

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DIY Headlamp

diy headlamp

Headlamps are great for so many reasons. If you need one in a pinch, try out this quick DIY formula. by Tom Hensen Materials ($4): single AAA flashlight rubber bands (2) clip ballcap Got other DIY projects? Let us know! info [at] korduroy dot tv. 

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How to Shape a Mini Simmons

shaping mini simmons

Originally posted on ST Surf Images By Tom Woods After repairing a surfboard that I ran over in my car (a board which I called a “write-off”) my brother Joe got the gist of a few of the skills needed to shape a board from scratch — something he’s always wanted to have a crack…

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How to Photograph Strangers

There will always be an element of fear when photographing a stranger. I see people everyday whom I would love to photograph and more often than not, I will not approach them because the fear in my belly takes over — thoughts that roll around in my head are the following: “they will say no,” “they will be embarrassed,” “what’s the best way to ask?” or “they will say yes but it might not go to plan.”

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How to Pick the Right Fins

fins shred

Shred Show’s Chris Grow shares his breakdown of which fins (Futures, in particular) might be the best choice for your next surfboard. When searching for your next setup, consider the surface area of the fins based on your weight. Don’t know how to figure that out? Don’t worry, most of the fin companies do the…

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