Building Your Own SUP(os)

Alex Haro is based out of Victoria, British Columbia, where he constantly wishes the water was warmer. He’s an average surfer, but tries to convince you otherwise when he writes about it. He drinks a little too heavily, swears a little too much, and thinks his dog is a better person than most people.

“Where we live, summer does not bode well for waves. In an act of desperation, my best friend Shannon Cupper and I decided that, although we weren’t skilled enough on a SUP to get in an actual line-up, we still needed to get on the water somehow. We looked into buying one, but being two horribly debt-entrenched blue collar types, we decided that (in a slightly inebriated state) building one was a much better plan. The idea to make it hollow came from a how-to book by Roy Stewart on how to build a Bob Simmons inspired surfboard. It hasn’t sunk yet!” – Alex


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