Calling all Canning

Health Nuts will be back in a couple weeks with a new episode on canning. This is something we’ve been interested in for a long time as it’s a simple and effective way to preserve food in your own home. Since we’re so stoked on canning right now, we want to make sure we explore it from all angles when the show comes out. So, we’re asking you to help us out. Here’s what we’re looking for: 

  • any how-tos written for people who have never canned anything (your special Canning 101 instructions);
  • delicious/interesting/unique recipes using ingredients from cans (hopefully ones that you filled yourself);
  • expert images of canned food and/or the process of canning;
  • list of foods that are best for in-home canning
  • top 10 reasons to can
  • your craziest canning moment
  • odes to canning
  • whatever you can think of

We’ll be featuring your submissions on the blog and our social media accounts all week long. You’ve got 1.5 weeks. Get your can in gear! 

Submit through Tumblr: until Sunday, March 10. 

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