Canning: Blog Roll

As we continue sharing canning ideas and resources this week, we thought it would be good to put together a list of blogs that dedicate the bulk of their content to canning. There is a huge canning community that is ready and waiting for you to get going. 

Food in Jars
Like most canners, Marisa McClennan’s mom taught her everything she knows while she was growing up in Oregon. What’s interesting about her is that she’s now living in Philadelphia and is still canning from her 20th-floor apartment. So she works through contradictions and shares delicious recipes along the way. She also sponsors giveaways and writes a bit about the DIY food scene beyond canning.

Punk Domestics:
This blog is cool just from the name alone, but there’s substance to back up the badassery. They aren’t terribly interested in traditional canning recipes; instead they share details on more specialty items like seaweed butter and little-known liqueurs. They explain that the site is an aggregate for the “hardcore DIY food community.” They accept content submissions from members and feature stories about interesting canning and preservers on their blog. Just don’t check the site when you’re hungry. 

Well Preserved
Ever wonder what a watermelon radish goes with? Or how about what Beurre Manie is good for? Maybe not, but this is the kind of off-the-beaten path food stuff you’ll learn about from this blog. It features canning tips and recipes while also taking liberty with the “preserved” label, but with recipes like “Maple, Whiskey and Sour Cream Apple Tarts” we’re not complaining. 

Canning Across America:
This is a pretty low-key canning collective made up of canning advocates from across the country. They do events and host classes, so check here to see when they’re in your area. The website also features a recipe roll, which links out to other great canning sites. 

There is, of course, always more resources to be found on the web. If you have some favorites that we missed, share them in the comments! 

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