Canning for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Here’s an eclectic menu of things canned, jellied, jarred, pickled, and preserved to make any meal of the day more delectable. Prepare these goods in season, and reap their tasty rewards year-round.


Start your day indulging in decadent spreads. Pear Apple Butter and Champagne Blush Jelly will delightfully complement toast, pancakes, oatmeal or yogurt.



Sounds a little contradictory, but freshness in a jar comes in the form of canned cucumber salad, which can be refrigerated for up to two months.
For an alternative pickled side dish, kick it up a notch with kimchi. The crazy kin of the cabbage family, it’s sour, sweet, slightly spicy, and a little bit nutty.


Prepare a tapas-style dinner using these alternative sauces over pasta, rice, crackers, or toast: Curly Parsley and Arugula Pesto or Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.


Peaches are in season late spring through summer. If your part of the globe’s still in the tail-end of summer, make use of the tasty fruit to preserve for later use in pastries, pies, or with whipped cream. This recipe doesn’t even require sugar for preservation.

If your sweet tooth can’t be satisfied with fruit, make your own canned chocolate. Use it as a syrup topper, or add it to milk for the best post-session reenergizer.

Can’t get enough? For more recipes and tips, check out these blogs that know way more about canning than we do:

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