Cardboard Surfboard

You’ve been following the Every Third Thursday series from Signal Snowboards, right? It’s been going on for four seasons now, and the creators say it’s “changed the culture at Signal,” in a really good way. Taking a day off work to pursue creative ideas, with permission from work, that’s like, the dream. With this cardboard surfboard episode, it marks the first time they’ve been able to move out of the snowboard box and into the surfboard one. They also say they’re looking for ways to do cool shit with skateboards, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for that.

In this first episode, they build a board out of honeycomb paper with the help of legendary surf shaper Jeff Doc Lausch and Mike Martinez, Ernest Packaging’s creative director and design lab mad man. Your first thought is probably, “Hold up, paper goes limp in water” but check out the video to see how they made it work.

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