Catching up with Matt Whitehead

Meet Matt Whitehead, vagabond, explorer, adventurer and all around good dude! He’s conquered long distance bicycle surf trips and motorcycle trips alike and is now fundraising to keep on the road and continue chasing the dream. He’s recent designed a T-shirt and is using profits from that project to keep on!

You can get his shirt (as shown below) on:


We took a minute to catch up with Matt, you should too:

You’re on a pretty good tear of avoiding 9-5’s and your typical man’s blue collar endeavors, where did you last venture take you and where are you heading now? ..Or is there any separation between the two?

Haha! Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. I get sucked into working shit jobs more often then not. But luckily never for to long.
The line of separation is pretty thin these days and I guess has been for a while. My last little jaunt was a cycling trip in Washington and Oregon. From there I was planing on heading back to Vancouver island for some ocean time, but fractured my wrist and elbow before I had the chance. So Now I am landlocked invading my friends space in Austin while I heal up.

What is the hardest part about being on the road constantly?

There is no one single thing. Just as in what ever life you choose to live, you are going to have good days and bad. That is part of being human I guess. But living on the road and on often a bike there is no escaping the weather. So rain and cold can be tiresome at times, as can be finding places to sleep and not get hassled.


windy bridge


Whats the story behind this shirt? Whats the goal?

The shirt is just a idea I have had in my head for a while, kind of a satire on the whole anarchist thing, but also something that some friends and I just thought was funny. Shawn Rylander did the art work for it.
The goal for the shirt is to sell them, so I can stay on the road and keep doing what puts a smile on my face.

How do we get one?

Mud hole










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