Christmas Came Early // Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Ocean Beach, San Francisco


The past few days have offered a dose of swell synonymous with El Nino’s grip on the North Pacific, one fit for the top shelf of our surf-born memory bank.


Though, for the sake of Ocean Beach under the barrage of long period winter surf, it’s wise to keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. Strained lungs, sore shoulders and and big smiles were on display, as were some valiant attempts to catch the ride of your life; few were gloriously successful, but most everyone who made it through the sea of churning white-water, 15 foot closeouts and sweeping North – South currents claimed there were gems to be had.


Here’s a selection of photos from Korduroy.TV producer, Charles Post, who made a quick trip from his home on the Point Reyes Peninsula to capture some of the blissful moments this week had on offer.

OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2121 OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2138 OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2155 OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2174  OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2235 OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2250 OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2253  OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2257OB_11-30_CGP_IMG_2197

Have you seen Surfing Magazine’s feature on this swell? Korduroy tribesman and Surfing Editor At Large, Taylor Paul, put together an epic feature, titled “The Entire Ocean Beach“, that showcases this week’s wave harvest – Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.55.10 PM

For those of you hoping to see some of the days best clips on the big screen, northern California filmmaker, Perry Gershkow, and Santa Cruz cinematographer, Kyle Buthman, are at it again, but this time they’ve set out to harvest El Nino’s wave rich offering along the Central California coast as they work on their new film, Vertical Lines. Check out the trailer, and stay tuned for premiers in your home town this summer.



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