Claim Contest 2011 Winner

Thanks to everybody who submitted their claims, it was a tough decision but a last minute entry from Holland stole the show with a ridiculous display of surf joy in Morocco. Bo van Veen is the winner of a custom new eco handplane by The Surfcraft Cooperative.

This clip is the work of 28 year old Bo van Veen, we caught up with a colleague of this Dutch designer about the video as Bo is on vacation..

Who’s the guy in this clip?

The clip features our friend Thomas Scheerder. Thomas is always the kind of guy in the water screaming out loud, to encourage you (Rammen! = Ram!) or to claim & celebrate the waves. He doesn’t give a shit where he is, or who is around him. Nevertheless people almost always start to like him after a short while.

Why did you make this clip?

Bo is part of a group of friends from Haarlem & Amsterdam – The Netherlands, who’ve known each other for a long time (for over 15 years now). We try to have at least one snow or surf trip every year. Coming from a flat country (no mountains, small waves) we look forward to these trips and we try to make the best of it and have a lot of fun. We always try to capture the trip in a small movie. For sweet memories when we are old (when you find that old dusty DVD player in the basement). Bo is always making these videos and he always surprises us with his edits.

What else is he working on these days?

Bo and I (Michiel) work for an advertising agency called Black Magic Marker. In his spare time he runs Studio Veen with his sister, Luke. Together they create whatever crosses their minds from photos to videos, paintings, illustrations, music and parties… Right now they are working on their own sitcom with self-made puppets. All projects are handmade, low-budget and authentic.

Find their work at

Check also Bo’s channel on vimeo, for more video’s (f.e.: snowvideo:

Thanks to Michiel de Vos for taking the time to answer for his friend! Check out where they work at-

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