Clean Up Bali

trash on bali beaches. photo by jasonchilds

As we are all aware, plastic is a major issue around the world. California looks poised to become the first state to ban plastic bags statewide. But this is the first we have heard of any efforts in Bali.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the amount of plastic refuse on Kuta Beach has been overwhelming, even to the point where it is difficult to surf. And it is only getting worse. While the local government is turning a blind eye to the problem, claiming it is a natural phenomenon that routinely occurs, locals are beginning to take action.

If you have enjoyed the beauty of Bali, plan to go there soon or are just an advocate for a clean environment, consider checking out this petition which will help to create a law that will forbid the use, sales and productions of plastic bags on the island of Bali. THE GOAL: 1 million signatures!!

Sign the petition here:

Photos by Jason Childs

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