CLEAN WAVES – “Itxasoa eta Lehorra” by Jim Denevan in Mundaka

Nowadays Jim Denevan is certainly one of the most significant artists in the “land art” movement. His gigantic drawings and figures have reached a cult status within the art world, resulting in projects with a huge impact and wide media coverage around the world.

Mundaka was the first spot he picked in Europe to perform one of his works and the fellas at Surfilmfestibal were on hand for his visit. Uradibai rivermouth is a protected space, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The best wave in Europe breaks on this rivermouth, thus it is a mandatory pilgrimage destiny for thousands of surfers from all over the world. A unique place that needs to be protected; a perfect sand bank to host Denevan’s work.

Pphotographer and filmmaker, Patrick Trefz, had a key role in this project, which includes a photo exhibition, as well as a short-film, scheduled on June 9th at the Teatro Principal, as the world premiere in the upcoming Surfilmfestibal 10.

Check out this sneak peek at Trefz short film: 

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