So after coming across this clip of professional skateboarder, Mike Vallely’s daugher, Lucy, building her own skateboard with Professor Paul Schmidt, I was a bit jealous. She designs her own template, plays with power tools, and creates a her very own custom graphic. Pretty killer day for a youngster.

After digging a bit deeper, I checked out the link to and found that their program is available to virtually every public and independent school in the US. By combining  math, science, ecology, physics, art, woodworking, and more, this seems like a pretty sweet project for ALL schools. Any teacher, administrator, or even parent can get the materials and instructional kit and teach their kids how to build a custom skateboard. Yeah!

Now if only they’d let you loose on campus after your board is built to shred the various elements that every school possesses which are normally “illegal” to skate…

So watch Lucy make her skate and then go get your teachers to let you make yours!


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