Crooked Blanks

Dustin Devlin, a filmmaker from Boston, MA recently produced this short video highlighting the process and motivation behind the specific construction of Crooked Blanks surfboards. And although the name may otherwise indicate, these boards are not crooked.

“I’m a New England surfer. We are cursed by the Atlantic Ocean. We spend more time talking about surfing, blogging about surfing, and waiting for surfing than any other mass of surfers. I came across an article posted about Mark Cruickshank and his wooden blanks, Crooked Blanks, on a popular locals blog, (this is where we vent our love/hate relationship with the Atlantic).  

I was struck by Mark’s idea, because it was bigger than just making a beautiful wooden surfboards. He is trying to make surfing more sustainable. You may be familiar with the process of how a surfboard comes to be: A blank is made of foam > a shaper gets the blank and finesses its shape to the surfer’s desire > The shaped board is then glassed and sent out to market. Well, Crooked Blanks takes the foam out of surfboard making by creating a blank for the shaper that works the same as if they were using foam. Furthermore, he uses this wood, Paulownia, that grows fast, is harvestable in 7 years and can produce up to 10 trees cut from the same stump.

I decided to contact Mark about doing a video because as a video producer, I knew that Mark’s story would make a great short doc. As a surfer, I knew that there was a high possibility I could go out logging on one of those things after the shoot. Mark was super enthusiastic about the idea, and we wasted no time in picking a shoot date. Mark promised me that morning the point break near his house would be going off. He lied. But hey, we’re New England surfers. We know how to make the best of things.” -Dustin Devlin

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