Cuatro Suenos Pequeno, Trailer No. 1

“Yes, this is a busy week when all kinds of stuff came together (the museum piece), but here is a trailer for “Cuatro Suenos Pequenos” (four small dreams) for the last year and change. I have been working on this little skate film with my old friend Javier Mendizabal, as well as my newer friend Madars Apse and the ridiculously talented lens master French Fred.

Please check the credit list to note all the awesome humans it took to make this film happen. Thanks to all of you’s. We have a few premiere dates in the next few weeks in France and Spain, where the “Chiwoks” will play the soundtrack live to the film, which is really exciting. This film will be all buttoned up and ready to watch on the ‘UM YEAH’ vimeo channel in July 2013. So anyhow, enjoy the trailer and have a damned good summer if that’s where your at big bestest.”


Cuatro Suenos Pequenos – Trailer NO.1 – Starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse – Directed by Thomas Campbell UM YEAH FILMS Presents – “Cuatro Suenos Pequenos” (four small dreams) – A new skate film – Visual Audio Experiment by Thomas Campbell. This 21 minute movie was shot entirely on 16mm film in a dream scene scenario that blends reality, surreality and a skate adventure starring Javier Mendizabal and Madars Apse. This film captures Javier Brushing his teeth,slobbering on his pillow, bedding down with a beautiful brunette. Also Javi running into Madars Apse in his dream, they skate over volcano’s,thru the woods and into cities of Spain,The Canary Islands,Mallorca,The Basque country and California.This film has a completely original soundtrack by the critically acclaimed Spanish super group “Chiwoks”. And besides the usual unusual camera perspectives you expect from a Thomas Campbell film. French Fred is also is on board Lending his iconic visual wizardry to this cauldron of the bizarre, beauty and gnar.

  • Starring – Javier Mendizabal and ┬áMadars Apse
  • Co-Starring – Stefania Borras, Roger Mihalko, John Jarvis Longyear
  • Directed by Thomas Campbell
  • Produced By Ben Dossett
  • Executive Produced By Nicolas Dazet, Julien Saint Pau
  • Directors of Photography – Fred Mortagne and Thomas Campbell
  • Edited by Tiffany Campbell and Tyler Clinton
  • Colorist – Greg Reese – The Mill, LA
  • Conform – Brent Kirsten – Digitalcore, SF
  • Original Soundtrack – Chiwoks
  • Soundtrack Engineer – Ken Ploquin – Drop in music, St Jean De Luz, France
  • Soundtrack Producer – T. Mucklucker
  • Soundtrack mix and additional Instrumentation – Monte Vallier, Ruminator Studio, SF

This movie was made possible with generous support from QUIKSILVER

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