Cy Rant: Falling Behind

Being creative for a living is a double-edged sword. In one way, it is like being paid to be a kid. In another, it’s like drowning in a sea of ideas, while the current of adult responsibilities whisks you into oblivion. And in the field of media production, cheaper and better tools are allowing anyone to raise the bar on artistic expression. This makes half-assing my work impossible. So I try to devote as close to 100% of my energy as I can to whatever I’m working on. Its like diving into a rabbit hole, everything else disappears. Such has been the case lately. I’ve been lost between worlds: the planning and shooting of our new film Stoked and Broke, the DVD release of Tom’s Creation, our film festival at Sacred Craft, and a bunch of other collabs. It is all exciting new stuff, but my myopic mind has been getting its ass kicked. Because of this, we’ve been lagging on new videos for Korduroy. But with production wrapped on Stoked and Broke and Tom’s Creation Plantation hitting the street next week, we’re going to have more time to geek out in the backyard and make a bunch of new Surf Sufficient tips, as well as film some cool new surfer/shapers for All Yew. We’re also going to launch a new show called “Health Nuts,” which will feature a bunch of tips on how to keep your mind and body operating in full trim. As always suggestions for surf tips, cool shapers to film, and now health tips are welcome.

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