Cy Rant: Founding Korduroy

This is the first in a series of weekly rants by our creative director Cyrus Sutton.

The Korduroy crew decided that I should write out some of the rants that I routinely go on because A: you may find them slightly entertaining and B: they are cheaper than seeing a shrink. I promise nothing more than it will be honest, somewhat sporadic, and I will shamelessly contradict myself. Founding Korduroy…

The seeds of Korduroy were planted a few years back after a series of apocalyptic nightmares. Fending for myself amidst the imaginary doomsday chaos, it was soberingly apparent that my 80’s consumerist upbringing had taught me nothing about survival. I always awoke after starving or having been savagely slaughtered with the realization that I was a total wimp who’s only skills were buying and selling crap I didn’t need. After a few nights of this I resolved to augment my pathetic existence with some basics that would serve me if it all hit the fan. I picked up a copy of Bill Mollison’s definitive Introduction to Permaculture, started a veggie garden in my backyard, got some old tools and started playing around with building stuff. I totally botched the first few projects and I still do but the more I got my hands dirty and starting making stuff, the better I felt. At the same time I was finishing up my last documentary “Under the Sun.” The film explored the origins of the surf industry and its metamorphosis into the fashion and image driven business we know today. The catharsis I¹d been undergoing with my self-education combined an increasing disillusionment with the current state of surfing led me to create Korduroy. A place that provided a home for surfers to reclaim their surfing experience through making stuff in the same little way I’d reclaimed my life- if only to help me sleep better at night.

Photo: Dan Llano

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