Cy’s New Reel

It’s been over a year and half since we’ve launched and a lot has happened in those 18+ months. Personally producing over 200 shorts, 3 documentaries, numerous bill-paying commercials, attending film festivals, traveling, nurturing a long distance relationship, and trying to surf in between has been full-on… Needless to say, more than a few things have slipped through the cracks, so I’ve focused on slowing down and taking care of the basics. Other than sixty-something whirlwind days in Australia, my time’s been filled with  full-night sleeps, eating good food, getting back into photography, reorganizing my office, digging and planting in the garden, and hiking/surfing everyday. As thrilling as powering out work-related projects can be, there’s a unique satisfaction to be had by simply doing the small stuff. After all, I started Korduroy to get back to the rudimentary things in life- not perpetually running around and sleeping with my computer! But such is the way in this modern age and I’ll come up for all the sips of natural air I can get between swimming in the electronic sea of perpetual connectivity.

As for Korduroy, we’ve been working on version 2.0 for a while now and we’ll debut the new website late summer. There’s going to be lots of cool new shit to hook into- I’ll spare the details closer to the relaunch. On other fronts, it also looks as though I’m going to be able to release my documentary “Under the Sun” in the next 6 weeks. I’m really excited to finally be able to get this into your hands as I consider it my best film yet.

When we’re not working on the fun stuff, I’m hustling to meet deadlines for commercials and other paid projects that keep the boat afloat. For any multimedia professional, an up-to-date reel is as obligatory as any business card and with all that’s been going on I haven’t made one in over 3 years (2008 reel – Truth be told I’ve been avoiding it, I’m much more comfortable making media about people and things other than myself, and a reel is very personal. In the end I took a mix of shots from personal projects and commercial work, and there’s some cameos from surfers like Derek Hynd, Wayne Lynch, Harrison Roach, Ryan Burch, Neal Purchase, Ryan Lovelace, and Kameron Brown to name a few.


Some recent photographys by Cyrus


cape byron view at sunrise shot on a panoramic pinhole camera


rabbit batholmew’s son shot on cross processed 35mm


lightning storm on the gold coast


mountain goat in california desert 35mm film



nat young angourie 35mm film


sage joske’s quiver


superbank 2005


wayne lynch’s wife lyndy’s art


Wayne Lynch pinhole camera

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