Daniel Thompson and the Nano

As you may know, Daniel Thompson is pushing the technological side of surfboards (if you don’t know check out his shapes at http://tomosurfboards.com/). And being the amazing surfer that he is, he is the perfect test pilot for these innovative creations. Here, Daniel shreds his home point break in Australia on a 5’4 tri fin planing hull called the Nano. According to Daniel this board is “a 6’0 hp thruster with 4 inches chopped from the tail and 4 inches chopped from the nose. With only the functional parts remaining. Outline has then been straightened and foiled for drive and to maximising planing speed. Result is shorter, compact board with plenty of drive and control when its needed. Higher speeds + higher control = higher performance.” If you haven’t checked out our All Yew with Daniel, you should…Part 1 & Part 2


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