Dead Kooks Surf Days

Filmmaker Robbie Warden shares a bit about his recent trip through Australia where he caught up with Lachie Leckie, Tikidora, Eden Saul, Sam Tatterson and Chloe Dunlop for some fun surf and good times.

“I have been taking photos for about 4 years now and love it. But I wanted a little more than just a grab in that moment as there’s so much beauty in the surroundings and style of the subject that fluctuates every second of the wave, that to capture in photos, means a lot of photos. After a trip to Japan, I wanted to film and see what happens. Filming tells no lies. The personality in each individual comes out, plus there’s sound. I dig good music.

When I touched base with Eden, Dead Kooks shaper, he was keen to get together with a couple of Noosa and Gold Coast surfers for a slide, who I had not met before but instantly had a fun time hanging with. When the vibe is right, it’s all good. Tikidora (Tyson Kozuszek) is a hell cat who’s froth for surfing is equalled to his skill in art and design…after the shoot I went to his place in Mudjimba (where Kong’s Island was filmed), surfed the points at Noosa and he drew out the credits for the clip while Sam drank Budweisers.

Lachie Leckie is the Salty Merchant, an artist, surfer and all round good guy. The night after the Byron Bay leg, we drove to Neal Purchase Jnr’s 40th birthday in the Piggabeen Hall that’s over 100 years old, jamming on stage with a stack of instruments, singing and dancing til the beers ran out.

Eden and his girlfriend Chloe put me up for a few days in their cool old Queenslander house in Currumbin cooking the best vegetarian feasts in between work and going for a slide. Eden works as a lifeguard and trains for triathlons in between shaping boards and listening to vinyl.

My friends at the Samoan Punks (Sydney) and Dune Rats (Brisbane) were really psyched to be involved. I wanted the music to bring the fun party vibe we were chasing from all the live show’s I have been to I knew they would be perfect. These two bands are the cream of Australia’s talent in music scene that I think Korduroy TV viewers will dig, download their albums today.” – Robbie Warden

Below is a breakdown of the boards Eden had shaped for everyone:

Lachie – Grey
9’5 Devo. Super tucked in nose and tight tail block with wide hip, well behind center. Graduated belly roll tip to tail, 60/40 pinch rail. 11″ Greenough stg 4.

Tikidora – Single fin
7’0 Hellhound. Modeled from the Trackers of ’69. Teardrop pin outline. Super flat rocker with a high foiled rail to a little downturned edge in the back. 10″ flex riden 11″ up from tail.

Tikidora – Black/Red
9’5 Outsider. Fuller nose template to allow for a more parallel outline. Tucked in sawn of tail. Defined step tail and increased rocker in the back 18″ to create extra drag on the nose. Panel nose entry to roll. 60/40 rail. 11″ greenough stg3.

Sam – Blue
9’7 Traditionalist. Pulled in nose to create extra curve in outline. Wide hip behind center to wide tail block. Very minimal concave through nose entry with graduated roll to the tail. 50/50 rail and 10″ D fin.

Eden – Yellow
9’5 double ender. Tightly tucked in nose and tail. Super foiled, neutral rocker with 60/40 pinched rail. Graduated bottom roll tip to tail. 11″ Greenough stg 3.

Chloe – Orange
9’9 Babi. Traditional ’65 Pig template. Soft 60/40 rail. Super Heavyweight glassing.Tucked nose with wide point 10″ behind center. Lots of volume in the back end. Full rolled bottom and 10″ D fin.

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