Deux ‘Bu ThrougH’

Trevor Gordon takes his new orange 6’7″ ThrougHull from Ryan Lovelace for a test drive at Malibu before he leaves with Michael Kew, a local writer guy, and some others on a trip to a some island in the Indian Ocean in search of a special wave that the board is designed for.

“The board has a pretty continuous rocker curve, lots in the tail for a ‘hull’.  Meant to be slowed down for the tube and sick gaffs, so the tail rails are thick as well; almost boxy but not quite.  Its’ 21″ wide and 3″ thick or so, possibly a little less.  Wide point is at dead center and it looks smooooooth as butter in the water; the waves that day were a little slow for it, so from what I could gather from the surf Trevor had on it, she’ll go REALLY well in the wave that we designed it for!!! The Bonzer-lookin’ guys are the front fins of a b5, shaved down to fit in futures c5 side boxes, to be used as a 2+1 setup with that red fin…which has the foil apex pushed way up to be used in goooood waves; not a lot of flex through the middle, a little bit of tip flex though…juuust right :)”

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