Dion Agius Gets in the Shaping Room

Surfing World Magazine out of Australia just came out with their design issue. Still have yet to get my hands on the issue, but it features an article called “The Blank Generation,” where Ozzie Wright, Al Knost, and Dion Agius get into the shaping room and mow out their own board.

It seems as though more and more surfers are experimenting in the shaping bay from Slater and Tyler Warren to now these three and beyond. Although they may not be riding these boards day in and day out, the fact that the realm of possibilities have expanded in their minds that they would even want to get in there and have a go themselves is rad. To create something and then be able to try it out is like nothing else…even if the board is a dog. Just knowing that you made it can increase the fun factor by leaps and bounds. Plus, it is addicting. You’ll want to jump right back in there and try again, adjusting those initial flaws.

Check out this clip from Globe.tv of Dion making his creation and then giving it a spin…




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