DIY Self-Watering Planter Bed

Here in California, we’re thirstier than ever. Our reservoirs are drying up and rainfall has his catastrophic lows. We’re doing our part to take shorter showers and wash dishes more consciously, but most of what drinks up the precious water that we have in our fine state is agriculture. This is a huge, possibly the most huge, economic driver in the state (California is marketed as all about the beaches, but most of the state is uninhabited farmland). Since the water usage of big agriculture is a little out of our hands, we’ll continue to work on the small scale. 

diy gardening

With agriculture in mind, here’s a DIY project that can reduce a little bit of our need for big ag. was recently in touch with the Food is Free Project to discuss a self-watering produce garden that costs only $2 to make. The Food is Free project explores inexpensive ways to grow food that can me shared with neighbors or entire communities. 

Get instructions for how to build the bed here:

And refer to the Wakeup-World article for details on the water system:

The Food is Free website also has more more DIY drought-tolerant farming ideas

Stay smart out there. 

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