DIY Shoulder Rig

If you have ever used a DSLR for shooting video, you’ll quickly notice that it is unlike any other video camera out there. It can be quite awkward to hold, seeing as how there is no viewfinder, only the screen on the back to see what you are recording. Plus, it can be a challenge sometimes to hold it steady without the use of a tripod. But that pesky tripod is a drag sometimes. Carrying that extra weight, setting up, and getting everything dialed in can suck.

But there are other options out there and more and more are being developed as the popularity of using these cameras increases. The use of a shoulder rig is another option to go. However the cost of buying a professional one can sometimes be more expensive then the camera itself. Ugg. However, there are plenty of people out there developing and creating their own. I have searched far and wide for different DIY shoulder rigs and there are a ton out there, ranging from PVC to metal Erector-set looking rigs.

This one is far and away the best in the DIY realm that I have come across. This guy’s father is obviously pretty amazing with woodworking and he has made a functional piece of beauty. Not only will it increase the ability to hold the camera steady, but it also has a built in focus ring that is controlled by twisting one of the handle bars. Smooth as silk. And did I mention it is a gorgeous handcrafted piece of wood from scratch!

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