Duct Tape

Korduroy contributor, Ryan Tatar, was in Santa Cruz last weekend for Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitation surf competition and captured these images of the event. If you haven’t checked out our Autarkic series, curated by Ryan, be sure to check it out!

“The sun was shining and a fog was starting to burn off.  The weather was on its way to climbing to near 70 degrees on an otherwise chilly and wet winter in Central California.  Semi clean head high swell at Steamer Lane.  I grabbed an almond cappuccino at Lulu Carpenters in downtown Santa Cruz and headed to West Cliff Dr.  What could be better?  Joel Tudor came into town and brought an eclectic entourage of surfers who paddled out with heavy single fins (some even self shaped), to ride the waves without a leash at a spot that is usually dominated by locals and thrusters.  He put on a contest with few rules… inviting shared waves and other shenanigans and paid tribute to both the past and future.   Everyone was shredding.  Alex Knost stood out catching wave after wave and captured the overall victory.  There were a lot of photographers snapping photos with long lenses…. so I took a few cliff side with a 50mm lens as the loggers rode closer to the cliff.” – Ryan Tatar





All photos by Ryan Tatar (http://www.ryantatar.com)

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