Dusty Payne, Balaram Stack and Pat Schmidt Harvesting Winter Surf In The Frigid Northeast

Filmmaker, Corey Frank, recently sat down with Korduroy producer, Charles Post, to tell us about a winter adventure that will go down as one for the books. A stellar crew including Pat Schmidt, Balaram Stack and Dusty Payne piled into a van and hit the road North towards the slabby and snow-kissed shores of the New England and beyond.

Here’s Corey’s Account:

IMG_3029 IMG_3245

Back in February. Pat and Bal were in California or Hawaii I’m pretty sure. They saw this swell coming and Pat called me said “Hey Bal and I are thinking about coming home for this swell, looks like we could score at home then chase it way up north.” This was probably the third time they actually chased a swell home to the northeast instead of somewhere warm. They got back and Pat told me Dusty Payne was coming and it’s going to be a Volcom sponsored trip.

Dusty has never surfed in cold conditions like this.

Tom Carey came out to shoot photos.

Everyone got to the house right before the swell hit.

The first day was super sloppy but they were able to sneak in a session out front of the house. Dusty was pretty baffled putting on all that rubber. It was actually really crazy to see one of the best surfers in the world who has never surfed in cold water before talk about how much harder it really is. The next day cleaned up and we pretty much spent the whole day right in front of the house.

That afternoon, we packed everything in the van and hit the road. Definitely thankful to Poler Stuff for giving us a few of those sleeping bags!! The drive was a total of about 20 straight hours from our door step to the left point break. We had hopes of going up there and scoring this slab but it was too big and blown out so we ended up at the other wave.

Our buddy Logan Landry set us up with somewhere to sleep after they surfed the left point break all day. The next day the swell was basically gone. It was only chest high but they surfed and we set up camp on the beach for the day and hung out. Over the 3 days of traveling we probably spent over 40 hours in that van. The northeast is very fickle and very tricky. You never know what’s gonna happen here until the last minute.

So I’d say we did pretty well….. either way its always worth the adventure.


Dusty assessing the chill factor.IMG_3303

Balaram and lobstah traps: just another day in the NortheastIMG_3324

Dirt road #1567


Pat making himself right at home.

(Photos and Video by Corey Frank)

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