Earth Day Inspiration: Recycled, recyclable and plant based surfboards!

“As surfers we get a lot from our environment. We arguably glean the most joy from nature possible. It’s great to see people in the surf industry reciprocating by taking a hard look at how their manufacturing processes impact the ultimate source of our stoke.” – Cyrus Sutton

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Moss Research is on a mission to revolutionize the surfboard industry with Eco-Flex® Technology

In 2009 Moss Research made a commitment to finding a better way to build surfboards. After 15 years of making conventional toxic, non-recyclable, virgin petrol-chemical derived boards, master shaper Jake Moss was sick of feeling sick from the craft he’s so passionate about. The pursuit of a better alternative lead him to test an array of new recycled and plant based materials. This painstaking process resulted in development of the Eco-Flex® surfboard. Upon product release in 2011, Eco-Flex® was the first board on the market to receive a Gold Endorsement of Sustainability from Berkley MS graduate and author of “Surfboard Cradle to Grave”, Tobias Schultz.

Eco-Flex® by Moss Research, is a surfboard manufacturing process that utilizes recycled foam and plant-based bio resins, builds high performance surfboards that are recyclable and made with waste stream and plant based materials. The result is a superior, customizable hand-shaped board that is 75% cleaner, 30% lighter and lasts twice as long as industry standard Polyurethane/Polyester construction.

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Check out the Eco-Flex® Kickstarter, and Support Surfers For A Shared Planet


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